Native videos seem to be the answer to the problems facing marketers using pre-rolls in advertising. The marketing world quickly adapted to the new form of video marketing with everyone flooding the internet with banner video ads. This has, however, resulted in increased usage of adblockers by consumers who find them annoying. In the bid of making things better, it is important to note that the problem is not the adblockers; it is in the strategy itself.

Native videos are different from pre-rolls in many ways. As a matter of fact, they are generally more effective in marketing. The following are some of the advantages of native videos that may be very helpful to digital marketers.

1.     Relevant to customers

Unlike the repetitive random pre-rolls one meets on the internet daily, native videos offer a more comprehensive. The videos help the viewer to clearly understand the content of the video and thus being more relevant than banner ads.

Also, when it comes to native videos, the viewer watches it to get information on the subject matter. Pre-rolls, on the other hand, pop up in the middle of viewing other media. Chances of a viewer blocking the ad to continue with their task are very high.

2.   Better user experience

When it comes to marketing, offering an excellent user experience should be every marketer’s priority. A user will interact more with a native video compared to a 15-second pre-roll that pops up while viewing other things. Consequently, native videos tend to have more impact on the viewer than pre-rolls.

3.   Continuous storyline

Native videos are generally comprehensive. They are not limited when it comes to content as it is with pre-rolls. For instance, a pre-roll will try to advertise a product by just giving random information to hit the 10 or 15-second time span.

When using a native video to advertise the same product, the marketer gets to organize the ideas continuously that will help the viewer get a cohesive story.

 4.     Builds a brand

It is the goal of every marketer to make a name for their brand. Video ads generally help a marketer to build their brand as compared to other strategies. Videos have a way of satisfying a customer’s expectations and enhancing their experience.

Native videos do this by creating videos that customers will be eager to watch. Instead of spending resources on ineffective pre-roll ads, a marketer should consider investing in a video that will sell your brand within two weeks of its release. 

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