When it comes to improving customer experience, digital marketers needs to put into mind the diverse customer market they target. According to research, about 10% of the population is born with cognitive difference. These groups have diverse preferences and needs that will determine whether they can access your advertisement. There are specific groups of people who are considered to have neurological differences that are usually overlooked.

Neurodiversity is the recognition that neurological differences are normal human variations. These neurological differences are Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), Attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorders (ADD or ADHD), Learning disabilities, Tourette Syndrome, Mood disorders, Anxiety disorders among others. Neurodiversity sees these differences from a ‘social model’ point of view where the society is responsible for the barriers that these groups face. 

Marketers should have this social model when designing their marketing strategies. Adopting this model will make their brands seen as authentic, inclusive, and that they understand their audience. This in itself is a marketing strategy because people are always looking for brands that are sensitive to such matters. 

In order to effectively integrate Neurodiversity, you can actually hire these people to give a clear perspective on the best way to customize the ads. Large companies all over the world are already taping into this by advantage of the special gifts possessed by these people. In 2015, Microsoft announced that it was hiring autistic people claiming that they bring strengths that the company needs. 

Besides a good reputation, there are many other advantages that come with integrating Neurodiversity. As the word say, Neurodiversity will foster diversity in your company. People with neurological differences tend to see things differently. Their unique skills and perceptions can be of great benefits to an organization and more so in design and marketing. For instance, autistic people can be utterly honest and tend to be skeptical; they will note things that neurotypicals cannot see.

 Integrating Neurodiversity in your marketing and design will make your website to be up to standards. A standardized website should be accessed by anyone including visually impaired people, people with deafness and even those with learning disability. Making your ads, products and services suite these groups will increase your market size greately.

Apart from that, companies operating in areas such as the UK will be on the good side of the law in case they decide to adopt Neurodiversity. This will be in pursuant with a law that was enacted in September 2018 which said that every website for a public sector should comply with accessibility standards.