Social media platforms are some of the best places to carry out digital marketing. Most of the marketing that takes place online happens on these platforms. Among the platforms that famous for digital marketing are YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These platforms employ different strategies that suites best their audience and clients as well.

A good marketing strategy is all a marketer needs to get as many clients as possible. By good, I mean one that best suits the marketer’s enterprise or product. Among the digital campaigns that had amazing strategies on social media are GoPro, Delta airlines, Geico, Wayfair, MasterCard, ETF Securities, and Red Bull. We are going to look at how some of the campaigns above used different marketing strategies on various social media platforms to effectively market themselves.

1.     YouTube

YouTube is using a good number of digital marketing strategies that have attracted a lot of marketing campaigns to their site. Some examples of these campaigns are:

  • Geico using Prerolls on YouTube

Geico, a car insurance business, has recently launched a chain of Prerolls ads on YouTube, which are very entertaining. Geico is using these recent Prerolls to admit to the fact that ‘prerolls’ can be annoying to the viewer but at the same time promote their brand. They do this by interrupting their own ‘long’ prerolls seconds into the ad

  • GoPro is sharing User-made videos on YouTube.

Most of the marketing videos posted on GoPro’s YouTube channel are not made by the company: its users make it. GoPro allows its users to compete in taking footage of their adventure outside and post it online. This campaign strategy is working for GoPro since their product is being marketed all over the internet, and they are also creating a vast customer base.

2.     Instagram

Among the digital campaigns that are working well in Instagram there is;

  • Wayfair using Instagram photo tags

Wayfair is a home decorating enterprise that makes use of Instagram’s photo tags to make their posts more than just photos. They use the tag provision to point out different products in their home interior posts. The tags contain the products name and price labels making it easy for a customer to get immediate information. This, in turn, helps Wayfair get direct buyers from Instagram.

3.     Twitter

  • Delta Airlines sharing twitter stories

Delta airlines are frequent users of twitter when it comes to interacting with their customers. They are making good use of twitter stories to reach out to their target clients by sharing exciting content. For instance, during the Breast cancer awareness month, delta shared a thread of stories from their employees who were survivors of breast cancer on the company’s timeline.