Email marketing is an old-time digital strategy that remains at the top of marketing tools list. Many use it to advertise products and services, acquire new customers, retain existing customers, and enhance the relationship between a customer and an enterprise. One needs to know his clientele very well to know which strategies to implement while using email marketing.

The real-time location of your clientele determines the type of marketing strategy you ought to take. Different locations have dynamic content that if it is well maximized, it will help a marketer to know how to capture customer attention. This is how influential the location factor can be when it comes to marketing. Before getting to how to use location-based information, we first need to ensure that your enterprise will maximize the provision.

 Enhance customer experience.

People will always try and find the easiest way of getting services or purchasing a good. As a marketer, you should work towards enhancing this experience. The location-based factor will be effective in a place where the customer easily ascribes to anytime. Showing your customers a video of how one will be received at your hotel or how comfortable your spa is will make them desire to be present.

One could also use the live inventory to make a customer know how many white sneakers are in stock and the sizes at their nearest store. You can give details of opening and closing hours, even inform them of traffic flow at various periods, or even provide parking details. With all this useful information, the most important thing left to do is to give directions to the nearest store, hotel, or shop with regards to the customer’s location.

 Using the location dynamics to your favor.

Weather is something that significantly affects the purchasing of goods and services. You will find that people will prefer to go on holidays in summer and there are specific services that will be in demand than others. If a marketer knows the location of a customer, they will know the best place to take their services and how best to deliver.

You can also use weather forecasting as a way of improving customer experience. For instance, you can inform your customer that the evening will be stormy and advise them that shopping in the morning will be convenient.

Including information relating to the current happenings in the area will also enhance your email campaign. A dealer in coats might start his email with “6 way to keep warm in this cold season”. This will attract the reader’s attention, pushing them to open the mail. While using real-time and location-based marketing strategies, it is important to ensure that information is up to date. You do not want customers coming to your store to purchase a good, only to find out that it is out of stock whereas your email said it is still in stock.