Some traps should be avoided when doing online retail marketing. These traps if not avoided, makes the whole process unrewarding and vexing. The business may end up closing shop despite putting all effort to market its products online. 

The preceding is possible given that online marketing is both a sword and a shield; it can wound the business deeply the same way it can protect the business from dead sales and benefit it greatly. The company should, therefore, be careful and;

Avoid Over promising when marketing products

The golden rule is to under-promise and over-deliver. 

The business should shy away from guarantee aspects are out of their control or elements that are subject to external forces, such as delivery time, to their customers. When a business guarantees such point to an online customer and falls short, the customer will be displeased and may take out the displeasure on the online platforms, and as they say, the internet never forgets.

For example, if the business is capable of delivering the product within 12 hours, then it is safe to state that delivery is within 24 hours. With that, the customers will be pleasantly surprised if the product is delivered within 12 hours. The business will get gold and five-star ratings from those customers, unlike when the contrary happens, which often lead to negative feedback. 

Having many negative feedback and reviews from the customers precipitated by such shortcomings is prejudicial to the brand both in the short and long run.

Avoid requiring too many clicks to access the product

A deep and robust website is fantastic. It shows that the business has tones of content. However, the company should find a balance and ensure that the content does not overshadow the products. Products buried in content requires too many clicks to access. And a product buried in too many clicks is as good as dead. The online customers are not likely to reach it, given their short attention span and impatience.

 Products should be easily and readily accessible to potential customers with 3 to 4 clicks.  The 3 to 4 clicks should enable the client to navigate the product, get all the information about the product such as price, make an order for the product and check out.

A business that avoids these two loopholes in retail online marketing stands to benefit immensely from it.