Unlike traditional online advertisements that screams ‘I am an advertisement,’ native advertisements though done online are subtle. They do not yell and therefore do not get blocked by internet users using devices such as ad blocs. 

They do not intrusively pop up on the face of a user when browsing a page, but silently blends with the contents of that page.

Native advertisement looks like the typical content on a web page, actually feel like the original content of that page, is consumed like any content in that page and if done correctly, may taste like the typical content of that page.

Its subtle nature makes it’s equally effective if not more like the regular content marketing. By the online users not feeling vexed and intruded by an advertisement while browsing a page, they are more likely to click on it and positively respond to the ad. The users by not being prodded and giving them the illusion that they are in control lead to remarkably high conversion rate. And such subtle psychological control and manipulation is the principle behind the native advertisement.

These ads come labeled with words such as ‘sponsored’ ‘advertisement’ or ‘promoted.’ The labels can be made smaller and more transparent so that internet users do not easily spot them. Minimizing the visibility of the tag makes the web user go through such an advertisement without realizing that they have gone through an ad. And in most cases end up subconsciously responding to the ad either immediately or later on.

In the traditional online content marketing, stories product description stories are posted in the brand’s media properties such as social pages and websites. However, with a native advertisement, the business has to pay online vendors to distribute their brands’ descriptions and stories across channels that those vendors own and manage.

The business, therefore, has to dedicate time and resources to learn about the existing vendors relevant to their products, their offerings, and pricing. The brand can then use their existing content, which may be online or offline, to run a native advertising campaign. This method of emerging online advertisement trend help businesses connects internet users and potential clients whom they would have otherwise not reached.