Sports come in different types and levels. There are aquatic sports and field sports. International games and regional games. As diverse as entertainment is, so are the methods used to sell goods and services while leveraging on sports is.  

The most popular method of sports marketing, though, is through sponsoring of sports teams by brands. Sponsorship of a sport is financially involving. Many small, medium, and upcoming businesses may not have the financial muscle to sponsor a sports team. However, that is not the end of the road for such business intending to sports market their brands. These businesses have the options of using commercial breaks, tapping into sports fan loyalty and offering incentives on tickets to live sporting events

Making use of commercial breaks during live sports television streaming

Live sports draw a massive number of viewers in whichever media streams it live. A brand can buy advertisement space from the media live streaming the sporting event. During commercial breaks, the media then advertises. 

The brand would have benefitted from the sports despite the relatively low cost of putting up an advertisement during games in comparison to sponsoring the sporting event. The ad put and the brand would still reach a large number of potential consumers. The number of consumers reached is relatively more than the consumers covered when advertised during regular programming hours

Offering incentives on tickets to a sporting game

Tickets to most sporting events are usually highly-priced. The business can offer relatively low prices to a sporting event to customers consuming their products during a specified window period. Example, the company can run a promotion for everyone who buys their product to scratch and sends a code to a number and stands a chance to win a ticket to a game. Or for their customers to buy a certain amount of their product to get a pass to a game at a discounted price. 

Tapping into sports fan loyalty

Sports breeds loyalty amongst the fans. Most sports fans are even more loyal and worship some of the players. A business can tap into this kind of faithful following by identifying a player with a large fan base following endorse or promote their product. 

Example, having Tiger Woods endorse or promote a product would win customers from his loyal golf fan base.