The advancement in technology is revolutionizing every sector, and in the marketing space, technology has brought forth programmatic advertising. Although it’s still new, its effectiveness is increasing its usage in the industry. However, the big question is, what is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the use of artificial intelligence alongside machine learning to purchase digital campaigns advertising directly from publishers and optimizing them to run automatically. 

Although it gets rid of intermediaries, that’s not its primary goal. The main aim of using Programmatic Advertising is to unearth a high level of efficiency and transparency for both publishers and advertisers.

The Rise of Programmatic Advertising in Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Advertising 

With its usage showcasing its potential, stakeholders have started incorporating more in their out of home DOOH advertising methods. In DOOH, programmatic advertising driving force is automation. Through Programmatic, stakeholders can schedule their customer’s ad campaigns using computer programs. Furthermore, it’s easy for the ad owner to get the slots for their campaign per their preferences. Programmatic nature gets rid of go-betweens through auctions.

How stakeholders get their Programmatic sales ads scheduled in any DOOH inventory

Unlike before, where ad owner’s had to negotiate with DOOH network owners to get their ads to go live, now everything is done automatically. The first method is through real-time bidding. On the other hand, there is a direct programmatic sale where network owners sale access to their networks to directly advertiser.

While the above dwell more on what and how programmatic advertising works, its usage is gaining traction in the DOOH sector mainly because of its automation feature. However, the eradication of go-betweens is making a method which was out of reach to small advertisers, now available and at their disposal. Now it’s cheap to use programmatic ads unlike before when only big firms with full coffers were the only ones able to afford them.

Besides the above, other factors making Programmatic advertising usage rise include;

  • It helps advertisers have a direct effect on their targeting market. Programmatic gives them broader targeting capabilities. Through programmatic advertisers can use fewer cookie techniques, contextual, and behavioral methods to target a specific audience.
  • The real-time feature brought about by optimization enables ad owners to change their ads based on real-time feedback from running ads. 
  • Their effectiveness guarantees results. 

Besides the above, programmatic advertising comes with broader usage since it can be deployed over the video, mobile, and social media platforms. Similarly, programmatic usage is also entering in digital screens in billboards, shopping malls, and bus stations.