Not all social media platforms respond positively to the use of influencers in brand promotion. The common thread to those that do is a massive subscriber base and the high number of active users. The numbers drive sales. And they come with unique features meaning brands need to tailor their contents to fit perfectly into the various platforms. These social media platforms include;

You Tube

It has approximately 1.5 billion active subscribers. Influencers tap into this user base by amassing many followers, subscribers to their channels and encouraging subscribers to turn on notification for alerts of new contents.

Youtube is suitable for highly visual and less text-based promotions. The influencers strategically display high-quality videos or pictures of the product or brand promoted in their channels and banks on turning the viewers into potential consumers of the product. 


Facebook has the highest number of subscribers and active users as compared to other social media platforms. It has slightly over 2.2 billion active users and a billion inactive users.

Due to its broad reach, many advanced features and improved visibility both text-based and visual product marketing fairs well. The brand needs consistency, quality, and to leverage on the premium services that come relatively cheap but pushes the brands’ visibility to a large extent.


Instagram has approximately 800 million users; it is mainly a Visual medium. The brand targeting Instagram influencers to market their products need to invest in quality videos and pictures; they may thus include video editors in their team.

The influencer increases further visibility by tagging the company, using hashtags, providing links to the products and consistently posting


Twitter has over  330 million active users. It is a brevity based platform and is more official in comparison to other forms of social media platforms.

Its attributes make it suitable for informative product promotions. The brevity based formulae make it more likely for users to read about the product than pass or just scheme through it.

An influencer can maximize their outreach on twitter by jump on trending hashtags or paying to have their tweets sponsored. Sponsored tweets appear at the top of the feed making sure they are not lost in the sea of other tweets.