Sports marketing is one of the popular forms of marketing that is now dominating the sports arena. It has proven to be one of the most effective ways of getting potential buyers. One of the sports that is mostly used by marketers is football (soccer).

Football has grown to be not only a popular sport but also a great marketing tool. 50% of the world’s population has an interest in this sport of which, a fifth of this number participate in it. This audience can provide a vast clientele base for marketers. Supporters for different teams will tend to be lenient in their decisions when making a purchase. You will find someone buying a brand of shoe just because their famous player wears.

When it comes to sports marketing, one can advertise sports events, the teams or promote other products. An excellent example of product promotion is the use of jersey brands for specific teams. These jerseys are affiliated to a renowned team such as Manchester United, Arsenal etc. People all over the world purchase these branded jerseys because of the associated team. Different brands are taking advantage of this to market themselves. For instance, during the world cup in 2014, Adidas made more than $ 2 billion from selling football gears to both players and fans.

Making the most out of sports marketing boils down to the integration of the right strategies. Experiential campaigns are one of the strategies that always work with sports marketing. Consumers love epic experiences where they get to engage with the brand emotionally. To win the hearts and the pockets of your clients with experiential events, you have to first;

  • Know your audience

Studying the trends of your target consumers before kicking off your campaign will give you an easy time. Know what they are talking about, what they like and dislike how they behave to specific changes and anything else that will provide you with relevant information. It is also crucial to know the audiences’ stand in some critical issues in society. It is safe to keep your campaign off controversies in the targeted society.

  • Make the experience engaging

Instead of just pitching up tents for football fans to visit, a marketer should look for engaging ways that will leave a long-lasting impression on the customer. For instance, Coca-Cola was offering a 360-degrees Trophy tour during the FIFA World cup in 2018 where football fans all over the world got the chance to see the world cup.

  • Build relationships with fans.

Earning the trust of the fans will go a long way in marketing your brand. One has to make your events as engaging and exciting as possible that will always anxiously wait for your event. Caring for the customers experience should be your first priority.

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