Sports marketing is a phenomenon that has withstood the test of time. Even that be so, change is inevitable, and brands need to accurately respond to this change to get optimum returns from sports marketing.

These strategies go a long way to help brands tap into the universal passions of millions of sports fans and audiences for the furthering of their products.

Become the first to invest in a sports team. 

The first impression is a lasting impression is an adage that holds water even in marketing. Let your brand be the first to sponsor a sports team. The team sponsored need not be an international or professional sports team. The sports played need not be mainstream or extreme. Being the first brand to sponsor such teams is just as rewarding as being the first brand to sponsor a nondescript local community sports team. Both are winning strategies.

Being the first to sponsor a team leaves a lasting impression and make your brand memorable long after the deal. The only exception to being the first to invest in a sports team is becoming the best investor ever. 

Outdoing previous investors in the sports team by a large margin and shadowing the prospect of another investor surpassing the brand’s investment soon is a winning formula. Bing such an investor earns the brand benefits that also lasts long after the deal

Example, Arsenal Football Team named their stadium, Emirates after their best sponsor ever, Emirates Airline. The stadium is likely to retain the name post the sponsorship deal with Emirates airline to the continuous advantage of emirates as a brand.

Keeping up to date with technological trends in sports

Sporting activities are no longer limited to being streamed only in the traditional television channels. Nor is watching the sports restricted to the family gathering before a screen at home or physically watching the games in the stadiums.  

Thanks to the advent of social media, live streaming, paid and subscription-based television network, the way sports is accessed and consumed by the audience has dramatically shifted.

Brands with the ability to master and invest in the changing technology around sports and incorporate the same in their marketing stand to enjoy the full benefits of sports marketing.

Being the first to invest in, the best to invest in and up to speed with technological changes around any sport is a winning strategy in optimizing the benefits of sports marketing.