Social media is more than an entertainment platform for Gen Z; it is part of their life. Every young person belonging to this group has at least two accounts in the popular platforms. According to research, the content in these platforms greatly dictates their lifestyle more than anything else. When it comes to digital marketing, the impact is the same: their response to an advert is greatly influenced by these platforms.

For instance, a lot of people will ascribe to a brand that has been glorified on social media platforms. If your brand is not trending, then you have a minimal chance of reaching the young generation. In coming up with marketing techniques that target this group, one ought to have in mind the following.

  • Influencer marketing

Social media platforms are known as the best marketing platforms as long as influencer marketing is concerned. According to research, a good percentage of Gen Z consumers’ interest is based on influencers. You’ll find a good number of them having a particular channel or individual influencer whom they follow and ascribe to their products.

For instance, if a beauty influencer tags a specific brand of makeup on an Instagram post, chances are that 60% of their followers will buy the product. Others find pride in using products and services that are associated with renowned social media platforms or individuals.

  • Ratings and Reviews

The first thing any first-time buyer will do before settling on a product is to research on it. This process might be a bit tedious, especially if one is looking into multiple products. Luckily one doesn’t have to go through the hustle courtesy of rating and reviews. Ratings and reviews from your customers help in showing the authenticity of your product to potential customers.

Some only look at the ratings alone to decide on whether they buy your product or not. Others may go ahead and read the reviews to be sure. With the Gen Z group, the reviews of other users matter a great deal. Therefore, ensuring authentic reviews and ratings on products should be a marketer’s top priority.

  • User-generated content

When it comes to using social proof marketing tactics, a marketer has to earn the trust of their client. The objective is to prove that their product or service the most authentic. Using User-generated content from your customers will come in handy in building this trust. Their decision of buying your product is largely informed by the customer experience offered. 

For instance, a picture of happy clients using your product on your website will go a long way in marketing your brand.