Starting an email marketing campaign is one thing, and making it grow is a different thing altogether. Emails have been used for years in marketing, and according to reports, it is the most lucrative and the least difficult form of marketing. However, if not well executed, the reverse is true.

 As a new marketer, it is crucial for you to start on the right note with the best strategies. Equally important, you have to be conversant with the challenges facing this form of marketing and how to handle each one of them. Below are two major problems that every new email campaign may encounter and their solutions.

1.     Earning new subscribers

According to reports, earning new subscribers is the number one challenge facing email marketers.  As much as a lot of campaign is done to attract potential clients, a very small number hits the subscription button.

  • Solution

Doing comprehensive research on what attracts your target client will go a long way in solving this problem. The most obvious reason for this problem can be the possibility that the consumers didn’t see anything interesting in your ad or website. You can also study the trends off your consumers. You can get to know when and where to find them and most especially what to offer.

You may have done all the above, but you are still not increasing your subscribers. The problem could be that your competitors might be giving better offers than you. Look for something relevant that your competitors are not offering and use it to pull clients to yourself.

2.     Maintaining relevance

Most emails from salespeople always end up as spam mails. A customer can get annoyed with a lot of irrelevant emails hitting their inbox a couple of time in just one day. Every email marketer strives to find the right words and media to put in an email to maintain relevance, but in most cases, end up failing.

  • Solution

If most of your emails are not being opened or rather, they are getting filtered into the spam, it is crucial to do optimization on your campaign. Look out for words or content that might be turning off your customers and do away with them.

As you carry out the optimization, look out for fillers and spam words that are associated with your industry. Some of the words that are considered as spam are; subscribe, click, free, cost, trial, prize, and many more.

You can also carry out a market research to know how best to improve the content of your email.

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