A Digital Experience Platform, DXP, is a digital platform that allows building and customization of meaningful apps through which an organization can interact with its users, partners or employees. Using the platform, an organization can provide better customers’ experience by digitalizing operations, delivering connected customer experiences and gathering of customers’ insights. The software can be a single product but are mostly used by combining several products that will achieve the organization’s goal.

Previously, companies would use Content Management Systems, CMS to create and manage digital content in improving customer experience. However, the CMSs proved inefficient, especially when it came to customer interaction. This necessitated the need for a more reliable software solution as far as customer experience is concerned. CMS, therefore, evolved to advanced software, Web Experience Management (WEB) which eventually gave birth to DXP.

According to research, DXP help in solving a lot of problems to do with the organization-user interaction. Many organizations have adopted the DXP with the goal of making their business be customer-oriented. A customer oriented business will definitely be very effective in achieving set goals. With this digital generation, one needs to completely transform their companies should they want to reach more people.

There are different typecustomer-orienteds of DXP based on the type of orientation. One will be able to wisely use the right DXP when you know the need of your organization.

1) CMS-heritage DXPs.

These are used for marketing an organization contents online. They help in generating awareness and interest of the company to the customers, targeting the right audience by offers and creating a campaign for the organization. Through CMS- heritage DXPs, organizations can interact with costumers online apart from their websites. The DPXs can customize the organizations content to reach the users in any online platform, be it social media, mobile stores or mobile apps.

They are suited for B2C companies where the audience is large, and the transactions are short.

2) Portal heritage DXPs

It allows users to have a log-in portal to access the organization’s services and products. By using this platform, an organization is guaranteed of the coming back of a customer after a purchase leaving the organization with the work of retaining customers. Customer service is also made easier since the customer’s data is customized for each. 

Portal heritage DXPs also work well for employees, partners, and suppliers. It creates a digital workspace scenario for the company. 

3) Commerce heritage DXPs

This platform is exclusively based on online shopping organizations which work on a retail basis. It operates under inventory management, payment systems, shopping Chart together with product related-content delivery. 

The different types of DXPs will suit different types of organizations. In as much as they have specific benefits, DXPs are very important in improving customers experience and also enable the organization to expand its market.