Search Engine Marketing is a form of online marketing where one pays a search engine, such as Google to advertise them. The search engines will promote the client’s products or services on the search engine result page (SERPs). Clients will then pay the search engine a specific amount on every click on their advert.

Unlike other forms of digital marketing, SEM is effective in making a client purchase a product. This is because the customers are the ones who look for them not otherwise. The following are some essential features of SEM that will build your knowledge on its purpose.

  • Keywords

Any user of a search engine will use specific keywords to find anything.  These keywords are recognized as the foundation of search engine marketing.

Typically, advertisers choose a specific keyword that users of the search engines might use when looking for a product that they offer. So, if a keyword selected by enterprise A is entered, their advert will be displayed on the result page if it qualifies over enterprises’ ads.

If you want to use SEM in marketing your brand, you will first have to know the keywords that are relevant to your business. Secondly, it is crucial to do thorough background research on the keywords that are often used by the users of the specific search engine. This will help you avoid irrelevant keywords that will not earn you customers. You can use WordStream’s free keyword tool to look for the best keyword for your business.

  • Ad Auction

This is an auctioning process that ads go through before being placed alongside search results. Different search engines have different formats of carrying out the auction. For Google, the process commences immediately someone searches for something. If your keyword matches the search of the user, your advert gets into the action.

In order to win the auction, your ad must have passed a certain threshold. Initially, the advertisers had to bid on the keywords and state the amount of cash they are willing to spend. This bid comes in when selecting the winning add.

To win the auction, the ad must have the maximum bid and also a high-quality score. The quality scores a metric-based ranking that determines the quality of your advertisement. The search engine will calculate the metrics and will then use the results to determine where your ad will be placed on the result page.

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