Digital marketers make use of the search engines available on the internet. Among the types of digital marketing that do this are Search engine marketing and Search Engine Optimization. The two are a bit similar in that they both use the search engines to promote their brands. The only difference is that the latter does marketing by virtue of having a high search ranking, and the previous one has to pay the search engines to market their brands.

Search Engine Optimization is a type of digital marketing where a brand’s site is given priority on the result pages of search engines whenever a user types in a specific keyword. The keyword typed determines which brand comes up. Every search engine has its own process of scanning the internet to find the site with the highest search ranks.

How Search Engine Optimization works

Search engines use various tools to rank sites for all the different things their users search for. The first thing an engine does is to create a library (index). They scan a lot of sites in the keyword’s scope using programs such as spiders, bots and robots, among others. The search engine then organizes the number of sites. In the final step, the engine uses algorithms to determine the best site with regards to the keyword. The algorithms carry out complex mathematical calculations considering factors such as

  • HTML- A site’s HTML may contain the specific keywords searched for by the program. The header tags, description tags and title tags are also analyzed to see if they are relevant.
  • Content- The quality of a site’s content is analyzed to rank the websites. They look at the quality of the writing, words and phrases that are searched for by users. Apart from that, the time users spent on the site is considered.
  • Links- the number of links found in a site adds to a site’s average. The links should be to and from quality sites which are known as respected and trusted.
  • Relevance- A website should be easy to be accessed by the robots, quick to load and have short URLs that have relevant keywords
  • Geography – the geographical location of the site is checked in relation to the user’s location and also previous visitor’s location.
  • Reputation- a site’s reputation depends on the popularity among the users of the engine that is if it has a lot of likes and also shares. The engines check whether people have blocked the sites from their searches.
  • Violations- a website will be lowly ranked if it has violated any of the above standards.